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Sardinia Bay estate residents enjoy cutting-edge connectivity

The installation of a fibre optic internet connection has ensured residents of Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate are able to enjoy all the perks of a relaxed country lifestyle without having to sacrifice connectivity.

Estate manager Matt Gibbs explained they made use of Telkom’s gated solution option.

“The installation of a fibre connection is exciting in that, while it’s available in most suburbs throughout Port Elizabeth, it wouldn’t usually be available out here.

“We’re on what they call the peri-urban edge of the metro and Telkom are unlikely to run a line through this area because of the low housing density,” he said.

Mandi Campbell takes full advantage of the fibre optic internet connection at Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate. Photo: Full Stop Communications

“However, they’ve realised there are thousands of estates like these throughout the country so they’ve come up with a solution that is tailor-made for the circumstances.

“We now have full connectivity in an area that is essentially outside the metro, something which I think is a big achievement.”

Fibre, which is essentially hair-thin strands of plastic or glass instead of the traditional copper cabling, is the latest connectivity technology. It transmits large amounts of data using light rather than electrical impulses.

A fibre connection is not only far more reliable, it also offers much faster download speeds.

“It’s almost unlimited in its ability,” said Gibbs. “There is scope for a myriad add-ons, but we’re still focusing on getting the basics right.”

With the system now in place and running smoothly, he said there were a number of additional advantages that came with it.

The first, he said, was that the system could also be used for security purposes as the connection allowed for free house-to-house and house-to-estate management calling.

“This applies to the gatehouse too. You can call through to notify them of a guest arriving, or even if there’s a problem,” said Gibbs.

A second benefit of the gated solution was the fact that the plan allowed for a dedicated consultant in the event of queries or complaints.

“The difference between us and a more suburban area is that, because we’ve bought into this option, we will have our own manager. If there are problems, we don’t have to direct our queries to a call centre.”

Gibbs said he felt connectivity was something many younger property owners would place high on their list of priorities.

Mandi Campbell, a resident since 2015, said she and her husband, Nigel, frequented the internet to keep in touch with family and friends living overseas.

“We use WhatsApp calling quite a bit. You feel more confident using it when you know you have a good internet connection,” she said, adding that they had experienced a vast improvement in their connection speed.

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