Ultimate lifestyle sanctuary

The boundaries between the great outdoors and a modern lifestyle become blurred at the Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate, situated a mere “drive” from Port Elizabeth’s city centre. A whiff of the ocean combines with the sweet aroma of indigenous flora and an assortment of bird sounds, carried on the cool breeze into your living room, to tease the senses. Wildlife that roams freely and the occasional sighting of a golfer complete the picture of the ultimate lifestyle sanctuary.

Investing in the big five

  • Two tees at each of the nine holes ensure a full-length golf course for residents and locals alike. Sixty-six shots are par for this well-groomed course.
  • An abundance of indigenous fauna and flora call the estate home. While a number of trails criss-crosses these great outdoors, animals enjoy right of way.
  • A modern recreation centre is the heartbeat of this community. It is a place where residents congregate or indulge in activities such as tennis and swimming.
  • Twenty-four-hour security guards, perimeter fencing, CCTV and security zones ensure peace of mind for residents, whether they are enjoying their golden years or raising young families.
  • The estate’s name is derived from the neighbouring Sardinia Bay, known for its nomadic dunes and sandy beaches. A fitting namesake as it is a mere stone’s throw away.

On the cards

October 2, 2018
Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate wildlife at pond

Sardinia Bay Estate passes wildlife test with distinction

Since previously assessing the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate about four years ago, conservation consultant Wallie Stroebel was “highly impressed” with what he saw during his most recent visit. Find out more Like what you see?
September 12, 2018
Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate

Estate the epicentre of lifestyle conscious

The superb position of the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate was highlighted during the Ironman 70.3 World Championships that took place in Port Elizabeth recently. Find out more Like what you see?
August 29, 2018
The Sardinia Bay course, situated in the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate

Sardinia Bay golf course presents delightful challenge

The Sardinia Bay golf course has undergone a significant transformation in the last four years, developing from a gentle mashie layout into a full-length course offering a proper challenge. Find out more Like what you see?