Walk on the wild side

The Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate, neatly positioned on the outskirts of suburban Port Elizabeth, is a peaceful sanctuary for a variety of bird and wildlife.

Residents can enjoy views of the golf course with its wandering game and calming birdsong from the comfort of their patios or use one of the nature trails to gain a different vantage point.

The estate prides itself on the quantity and variety of its four-legged residents, all closely monitored with minimal human interference.

A carefully controlled breeding programme allows for an ever-evolving population of bushbuck, eland, springbok, zebra and wildebeest.

Five ponds of 40 square metres each add aesthetic value and offer the perfect habitat for existing and new bird, duck, insect, frog and lizard species.

The estate’s variety of feathered friends – including the black-headed heron, long-crested eagle, owls, swallows and francolins – make it an undeniable haven for birdwatchers.

Residents are encouraged to create bird-friendly gardens, while keeping within estate rules, to promote their nature-centric lifestyles.

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